How to watch the Super Bowl on your Apple TV

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off in Super Bowl LV on Sunday. Here’s how to watch it for free on your Apple TV.

    Super Bowl LV is slated to kick off at 6:30 p.m. Eastern (3:30 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, Feb. 7. The game is expected be an exciting one with reigning champions Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs going head-to-head with Tom Brady and the Buccaneers at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The Weekend is set to headline the half-time show, which will likely begin around the 8 p.m. Eastern timeframe.

    In 2021, CBS has the rights to stream the Super Bowl, so you’ll need access to that network to get the game. If you have cable or a paid streaming service like YouTube TV or Hulu Live TV, just head to the CBS channel on Sunday to watch it.

    Even if you’re a cord-cutter with an Apple TV but no live TV service, you can still watch the game for free. Here’s how.

    How to watch Super Bowl LV for free on Apple TV

    You have a few different options for streaming the game free of cost on your tvOS device.

    CBS Sports & CBS All Access

    The CBS Sports app will be the simplest way to watch Super Bowl LV for free. Just download it from the tvOS App Store here.

    You’ll also be able to catch the big game on CBS All Access, though that require a subscription.

    Yahoo Sports

    The Yahoo Sports app, which is available on tvOS and other Apple platforms, will also be streaming the Super Bowl.

    For users who’d like to watch the game with friends or family virtually, Yahoo is also offering a “Watch Together” option that will allow users to chat and video call with other participants in virtual viewing room.

    This feature is available on iOS and Android, so you can use it as a complement to the game on your Apple TV.


    The NFL app will also be hosting a livestream of Super Bowl LV. The app is available for tvOS here.

    If you need to leave the TV room for any reason, you can also watch Super Bowl LV from in any web browser on any device.

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