HP just hatched its plan for printers as a $7 subscription

A person using an HP Envy Inspire printer.

HP just announced a low-cost way to get access to a printer — with no worries about ink or maintenance issues — starting at $7 per month. The HP All-In Plan could be a good solution for people who need to print occasionally, but don’t want the hassle of owning a printer and have a hard time justifying an outright purchase.

Ownership comes with responsibilities, and even the best printers available can run into problems. Eventually, printers die, and figuring out how to recycle a printer in an environmentally friendly way isn’t always easy.

You could buy a cheap printer and purchase ink as needed, but ink costs add up so quickly that you end up spending more while trying to save money. HP’s All-In Plan includes a printer of your choice, automatic ink replenishment, 24/7 live phone or chat support, and next-day exchange if the printer stops working.

There are currently three HP printers to choose from in the All-In Plan: the Envy 6020e, the Envy Inspire 7258e, and the OfficeJet Pro 9010e. These are all-in-one color inkjet printers that support printing, scanning, and copying. The Envy 6020e also has fax capability. The OfficeJet Pro 9010e has the strongest home office features, including an automatic document feeder and fax.

A person using an HP Envy 6020e printer with Instant Ink box in view.
A person uses an HP Envy 6020e printer with an Instant Ink box in view. HP

At $7 per month, you’ll pay $84 per year for trouble-free printing, scanning, and copying from a reliable, high-quality HP printer without ever running out of ink. Your subscription fee varies depending on the printer you choose and the number of pages you anticipate printing each month.

The All-In Plan includes a 30-day risk-free period. After that, you must commit to a 24-month subscription. If you cancel your subscription, you need to return the printer to HP and pay an early cancellation fee.

The $6.99 starting price is for the Envy 6020e with an ink plan appropriate for an average of 20 pages per month. The Envy subscription goes as high as $16.99 for 300 pages per month. The Envy Inspire 7258e plan ranges from $8.99 to $31.99, and OfficeJet Pro 9010e costs between $12.99 and$60.99.

If you print frequently, the HP All-In Plan isn’t a good option, so consider carefully before subscribing. After 24 months, you can continue the plan, select another printer, or cancel and return the printer with no penalty.

For the HP Envy, cancellation fees are $120 in the first 12 months, and $60 if canceled before 24 months. For the Envy Inspire penalties are $180 and $90, while the OfficeJet Pro costs $270 and $135 for cancellation in the first 12 and last 12 months, respectively.

You can learn more about pricing and the terms of service on HP’s All-In Plan webpage.

The HP All-In Plan isn’t the right choice for everyone. If you have specific needs for high-volume printing, the best photo quality, or only need monochrome documents, the three printers HP offers might not be suitable. Our complete printer buying guide can help you decide what will work best.

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