Huawei: The user support app has a fresh look and even a new name

    Huawei nowadays brought out a new app edition of its customer support application – HiCare; this brand-new edition introduces fresh UI and features alterations in the services tab, device center, and Troubleshooting. my huawei customer support app has now come back with an update and a few changes. You can ascertain these changes in your app after updating the app.

    HiCare will no more be the way you recall it. The Huawei app, devoted to customer support, is the subject of a brand-new and significant update in these hours, which will alter its. In a few regions, this update renames the app from ‘HiCare’ to ‘Support.’

    You are able to download the up-to-date HiCare app edition from our application program page or only go to AppGallery and search HiCare. The brand-new edition ( is accessible on the AppGallery, the app store possessed by the Chinese hulk. As a matter of fact, it adds up a profoundly revived user interface and a change of name: it will no more be known as HiCare, but a kind of “Support.”

    Of course, the cause for this alteration is not altogether clear; it plausibly has to do with a brand-new, more overall strategy, which Huawei programs to follow to establish itself as a more and more independent tech company in the smartphone sector. You will find out the perfect changelog of the brand-new update at a lower place. Here will be some detail about the huawei support App:

    Huawei support app changelog:

    • Services:

                                        New UI edition. Repair advancement, Troubleshooting, most nearer service center, and different fast services are accessible with a single touch.

    • Device center:

                                         Screen your devices, and suggest related services to you.

    • Troubleshooting:

                                        Run you by the troubleshooting instructions, and put up solutions quickly.

    It is worthy of citing that newly, a representative of Huawei has declared that they will never utilize Google services once again. I think part of the reason is that huawei app has already make some achievement in the software area.

    Huawei has been dramatically impacted by the United States ban, which is more than visible. Their phonesm at the least, natively they can set it up manually in less than 10 mins. The level is that we all desired the United States ban to end so that normality came back to the Chinese company. We are amazed to check that it is obvious now. So, Huawei is here to assist you all the time and bring you all the services you need in a better way. Even Huawei is progressing more and more every day. To make you more comfortable with your everyday tasks and office chores. Huawei’s research and development department is making efforts day in and day out to make everything acceptable for you.


    Nowadays, Huawei has already prepared to be the top technology center in the smartphone area, and it is no denying that the newly changed name of huawei support app will benefit a lor for extending its market share in UK etc.

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