“I like to see new ideas. When we partnered with Microsoft, that’s what we saw …” ARA: History Untold’s devs spoke with us about building the next great PC strategy game

A short while ago, I was able to go hands-on with another upcoming Xbox-published Windows PC, which in a sense is a bit of an outlier. ARA: History Untold is a 4X strategy game built by Oxide, known for Ashes of the Singularity published under Stardock. Oxide Games shares a lot of its DNA with the Civilization franchise, as many staffers are Firaxis alumni. Microsoft is known for real-time strategy franchises, across Halo Wars and Age of Empires, but this is the publisher’s first foray into turn-based 4X strategy, which rewards players for chess-like stratagems over longer periods.

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To that end, it was hard to overlook aspects of familiarity between Civilization and newcomer ARA. However, some incredibly exciting dissimilarities should really solidify ARA’s place as a genuine contender, maybe even successor, to the format many of Oxide’s developers had a hand in pioneering. From Civilization to Stellaris, 4X grand strategy titles make up some of the best PC games in history, so ARA: History Untold has quite a legacy to live up to. 

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