I played this gorgeous strategy remake and now it’s one of my most anticipated games of the year

There might have been a more efficient way to clear the Egyptian army in my path, but I’m content to watch meteors rain down, sending men and monsters flying while buildings crumble. As the path is clear, I send my giants charging, slamming into the Titan and absorbing its huge blows while centaurs in the backline rain down arrows. I cast my last God Power, armoring my units and keeping them safe long enough to eke out victory. 

So went the one key battle in Age of Mythology: Retold, the latest “Age” game being rebuilt by the teams at World’s Edge and Xbox Game Studios. First confirmed to be in the works a while ago before being properly revealed earlier in the year, Age of Mythology: Retold takes what players like me loved about the original game and repackages it for modern hardware, with gorgeous graphics and a number of changes to the gameplay, particularly in allowing God Powers to recharged. 

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