IDO PASS DAO — The first Cardano DAO to focus on IDO/ICO tokens!

IDO Pass is a truly innovative DAO that is changing the way that you can participate in Cardano IDO’s and ICO’s.

For most investors, it can be very difficult to participate in IDO’s and ICO’s because of the high barriers to entry. These launchpads often require the investor to hold or stake thousands of dollars of their native token for long periods of time to take part in the IDO or ICO.

We are changing that!

As a DAO, we will easily overcome the financial hurdles to participate in these initial offerings.

We are a Decentralized Autonomous Organization on the Cardano blockchain that primarily focuses on investing in IDOs and fractionalizing blue-chip NFT projects.

Each of our NFTs is a unique pass that will grant you a proportional share and voting rights of IDO PASS DAO when it launches. The main purpose of the DAO is to generate profits for investing in IDO, ICO, and launchpads, pushing forward and supporting the community.

Founders Pass: 1000
5x voting power
5% airdrop of $IDOP Tokens

Membership Passes: 4555
Gives 1 vote
5% airdrop of $IDOP Tokens

⦁ Which IDO or ICO’’s
⦁ Community wallet’s allocation
⦁ When to sell the tokens
⦁ When to receive royalties or airdrops

Receive Cardano market analytics from the team’s private chart analysis tool. You’ll find valuable insider information shared on this discord including early white list invites to projects, and calls.

Make sure to visit our website and read our LitePaper for more information! We are currently minting now! #CNFT #CNFTPROJECT #CNFTDAO #IDOPASSDAO


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