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If you’re a Tile user, your personal information has been compromised

Key Takeaways

  • Tile owner info has been compromised, according to Life360.
  • The data breach was part of a criminal extortion attempt.
  • Hackers accessed internal tools at Tile, including a law enforcement request process.

The personal information of Tile owners has been compromised by a hacker, according to the Bluetooth tracking company’s owner, Life360.

Leaked personal details include names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and Tile IDs. According to Life360 CEO Chris Hulls, stolen data doesn’t consist of sensitive information like credit card numbers, account login credentials or location data.

More than just customer information leaked

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“Similar to many other companies, Life360 recently became the victim of a criminal extortion attempt,” said Hulls in a statement posted on Tile’s website.

Hulls goes on to say that Tile has taken steps to “further protect” its systems from bad actors, and that the incident has been reported to law enforcement.

“We received emails from an unknown actor claiming to possess Tile customer information. We promptly initiated an investigation into the potential incident and detected unauthorized access to a Tile customer support platform (but not our Tile service platform),” said Hulls.


What is Tile, how does Find with Tile work and what devices can you use it with?

Tile is best known for its Bluetooth trackers. You can connect to Tile and use it to keep track of your possessions. Here’s how it works.

According to 404 Media, which first reported the data leak, hackers were able to access Tile’s internal tools, revealing that the company has a process for data requests from law enforcement. The hackers also reportedly accessed a tool that allows the Bluetooth tracker company to transfer the ownership of Tile devices between email addresses, send push notifications and create administrator accounts. However, these tools reportedly weren’t used by the hacker.

The publication goes on to say that the hacker was able to access this sensitive information through a former employee’s account related to Tile’s customer support system. Tile has since shut that account down. The hacker told 404 Media that they “basically had access to everything.”

Tile was purchased by Life360 back in 2021 shortly before the launch of Apple’s competing AirTag Bluetooth tracker. While the AirTag only works with Apple’s devices, Tile’s Bluetooth trackers work across Android and iOS. Tile’s most recently released tracker is the Tile Pro.

Tile Pro white and black

Tile Pro 2-Pack (Black/White)

The Tile Pro is a great way to keep track of your keys. The Bluetooth tracker features 400 ft of range and is compatible with iOS and Android.

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