In search of new revenue, Netflix plans to crack down on password sharing

I know that I’ve been guilty of doing this, and there’s a good chance that you know someone who has also committed the same deed; sharing their Netflix login details with friends and family. Whether it’s sharing your Netflix account with someone who is, in turn, sharing their Prime Video or Spotify account with you, or perhaps just sharing the costs, it seems that Netflix is well aware of the issue, and is planning on addressing the issue without “alienating a certain portion of its user base”.

With increased competition in the content streaming segment, thanks to the impending Disney+ launch in the US and Europe as well as Amazon’s Prime Video service beginning to flex its muscle in terms of streaming sports and creating its own original content, Netflix can’t afford to become complacent. Having recently bumped up its prices in the US and the UK this year, Netflix needs to find more revenue from somewhere.

Compared to some streaming services, Netflix is pretty slack in its policing of how many devices can be used to access its content. Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief product officer said that Netflix will continue to monitor the situation and that they will “see those consumer-friendly ways to push on the edges of that”. Quite how Netflix plans to address the password sharing issue isn’t clear and the company have no plans to announce just yet. But, it would seem an easy way of increasing its revenue with minimal effort so long as the streaming service finds a non-hostile method of doing so.

If you are one of those sharing your Netflix log-in details with someone living in a different location, what would you do when Netflix cracks down on password sharing?

Source: The Independent

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