Infographic: What are the Benefits of 3D Printing Technology?

Infographic: What are the Benefits of 3D Printing Technology?

One of the fastest-growing developments in the world of technology has been 3D printing, the process of depositing successive layers of material (e.g. plastic, metal, wax etc.) in a 3D printer, to create a physical object envisioned from a digital model.

3D printing technology has already been heavily adopted in industries like aerospace, automotive and industrial goods. With organizations in these respective industries utilizing 3D printing for aspects such as making those parts/components that cannot be manufactured through conventional machining or laser processing techniques.

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A recent survey of 1,000 professionals by online 3D printing services provider Sculpteo looked at how companies are using 3D printing technology.

  • Professionals are most commonly using 3D printing technology for prototyping prospective products/parts/components (55%)
  • Thereafter, 43% are applying the applications of 3D printing within their production processes
  • Complex geometries (48%) is the biggest benefit experts have experienced from utilizing 3D printing
  • Subsequently, 39% beneficially reported 3D printing led to a reduction in the lead times of their production process
  • In contrast, a mere 8% feel 3D printing has had a positive impact on their remote production capabilities

Mobile phone specialists analyzed findings from the survey for further insights, seeking to identify what professionals thought the biggest benefits of 3D printing were.

“3D printing has significantly evolved over the years, establishing itself as a ground-breaking piece of technology,” said Phillip Donker, managing director of “Considering the technology is being harnessed in a large variety of sectors, it has become integral for firms consistently seeking to innovate and make efficiency gains in their production cycle. These indicators showcase the current influence of the technology and how 3D printing is allowing companies/professionals to develop a powerful competitive advantage.”

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