Infuse video player adds built-in TV and movie trailers, smart groups for sorting, more

In a new update rolling out today, Infuse has added a handful of new features including integrated trailers for movies and TV shows, smart groups, and more. Infuse is a popular video player for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV that can integrate with local storage as well as cloud storage providers.

In a blog post, Infuse says that the app now integrates a catalog of over 250,000 trailers for movies and TV shows. You can stream these trailers for media that you have in your Infuse library using a new “Trailer” button in the app.

Another new feature in Infuse 7.5 is support for something called Smart Groups. According to Infuse, this feature allows you to “group different versions of the same title together in your library.” Here’s how it works:

This could be things like different resolutions (1080p, 4K etc…), different releases (Director’s Cut, Theatrical Cut, etc…), video spread across multiple files/discs (Part 1, Part 2, etc…), duplicates of the same file you have stored in different locations, or any combination of these you happen to have. When multiple versions are present, Infuse will automatically add tags for each — and you can add your own custom tags, if you wish.

Today’s update also builds on Infuse’s existing support for Dolby Vision, adding support for Dolby Vision Profile 8. This is a unique format that “includes both a Dolby Vision layer and an HDR layer.” As always, the Infuse video player will automatically select the best video playback option depending on the file and your device.

Finally, Infuse says that today’s update also includes some notable changes to the video player itself:

Our primary goal with Infuse has always been to deliver excellent picture and sound when you press play — with every single video. In this update, we’ve revamped a hefty chunk of the playback internals, and modernized a number of areas to allow us to continue providing unparalleled playback performance and accuracy across all Apple platforms. These changes also include improved error correction for files which may be a little bit wonky (due to encoding and/or mastering issues) allowing these to now play beautifully — just like you’d expect.

For those unfamiliar, Infuse works by streaming content stored locally on a Mac, PC, or NAS, or from a cloud storage provider such as Google Drive. The app can also integrate with your existing Plex library. Infuse is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

The latest version of Infuse can be downloaded from the Infuse website.

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