Intel Alder Lake Core i5 CPU you can’t buy hits a staggering 5.7GHz overclock

An Intel Alder Lake Core i5 processor which is a non-K model – meaning it isn’t unlocked, so shouldn’t be able to be overclocked – has been clocked up to new heights, but note that this CPU is only available to buy in Asia.

There are a couple of things to unpack here, and firstly that’s the exact model in question which is the Core i5-12490F, a chip with six-cores (all performance, with no efficiency cores) that’s only on sale in China. Further remember that processors which aren’t unlocked ‘K’ models (this one is ‘F’, meaning it has no integrated graphics) shouldn’t be able to undergo overclocking as mentioned, but they can thanks to an unofficial way of using the Unlock BCLK feature in the BIOS on some motherboards (Z690 or B660 chipsets).

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