iPhone 11 Pro Max teardown shows off larger battery, compact rectangular logic board, more

In a video today from YouTuber DChannel we’ve got an early teardown of the iPhone 11 Pro Max that shows off the internals of the new device. As previously rumored, the iPhone 11 Pro’s logic board has changed back to a rectangular design, we get a look at the larger battery, Face ID and camera modules, and more.

We learned details last night about the increased battery capacities of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Pro Max from Chinese regulatory documents. That’s not surprising since Apple touted improved battery life, particulary for the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max over the iPhone XR at its September event. However, the filings gave us specifics on how much the battery capacities have actually grown.

Today in an early iPhone 11 Pro Max teardown video, we see confirmation of the larger 3,969 mAh battery capacity. That’s up about 20% compared to the iPhone XS Max that has a 3,174 capacity. We also get a look at the thicker L-shaped design that isn’t separated into two parts like the XS Max battery.

Another expectation was for the iPhone 11 to move back from an L-shaped logic board to a rectangular one. That’s also confirmed in the teardown that shows off the more compact board (and appears to be even smaller than what was previously leaked). It nestles right inbetween the new larger triple-camera module and the large battery.

The teardown also takes a look at the new triple-camera module and the updated front-facing camera/Face ID module. The video is narrated in Vietnamese so we don’t have more specifics but we’ll learn more about the internals as iFixit and other teardown the iPhone 11 lineup soon.

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