iPhone 14 Pro is now cheaper than a mid-range phone

You can now pick up an iPhone 14 Pro for cheaper than the price of a mid-range phone.

Giffgaff is selling refurbished iPhone 14 Pro handsets in ‘Good’ condition for just £469. When you consider that this is a phone that was retailing for £1,099 less than a year ago, that’s outstanding value.

Get the iPhone 14 Pro for just £469

Get the iPhone 14 Pro for just £469

Giffgaff is selling the iPhone 14 Pro, in refurbished ‘Good’ condition, for just £469.

  • Giffgaff
  • Refurbished ‘Good’ condition
  • £469

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These aren’t brand new handsets of course, which means they might have a few marks on the body and screen. However, Giffgaff insists that they “run beautifully”.

What’s more, the UK operator supplies a 12 month warranty with every handset, meaning you’re covered if the phone isn’t up to scratch.

We still rate the iPhone 14 Pro very highly, even with the more recent launch of the iPhone 15 Pro. We called it “a fantastic phone” in our 4.5-star review, praising its beautifully bright screen, its versatile camera system, and its clever new Dynamic Island system.

The latter replaces the unsightly notch of older iPhones with a neat little island, which features useful widget-like notifications depending on the application.

This was also the iPhone where Apple introduced a couple of excellent safety features, including crash detection (so it automatically notifies emergency services if you’re in a car crash) and Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature. The latter lets you send for help even when you’re out of mobile network range.

With the iPhone 14 Pro’s superb performance (the same A16 Bionic chip powers the current iPhone 15) and legendary software support, it’s going to remain fast and fluid for years to come. It’s certainly a better phone than any brand new handset with a £500 RRP.

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