iPhone 16 Pro may introduce ‘space black’ and ‘rose’ titanium colors while dropping blue finish

A pair of iPhone 16 Pro rumors have surfaced overnight, giving us a possible preview of what’s to come this fall. The first is a new look at what may be the iPhone 16 Pro color lineup.

iPhone 16 Pro colors

Based on a Weibo post (via ShrimpApplePro on X), Apple may be planning to drop blue titanium and add rose titanium for the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max. 

Apple moved the Pro line from shiny stainless steel to matte titanium with the iPhone 15 Pro series. The lineup today consists of black, white, natural, and a darker shade of blue. 

This lineup was also notable for being the first to not include a gold finish for the first time since the iPhone XS in 2018. Rose appears to be the titanium version of gold.

Both the black and white titanium versions are also tweaked, based on the description. 

The iPhone 16 Pro version of black is described as space black like the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple previously sold a space black titanium Apple Watch Edition. Apple has reportedly considered a black titanium version of the Apple Watch Ultra as well. 

The white titanium iPhone 16 Pro may also call back to the iPhone 14 Pro version of the same color. White iPhone Pro models usually use an off white shade for the back glass, but the silver iPhone 14 Pro used bright white glass. That could return with the iPhone 16 Pro this fall.

And per the color claims, natural titanium may be updated to a different shade of gray. iPhone 15 Pro rumors briefly described what became known as natural as titan gray.

Each color change first made headlines last month as seen in the iPhone mockups above. The sourcing was based on descriptions and not color samples. The latest source is also connected to the accurate deep purple iPhone 14 Pro leak.

Apple typically unveils new iPhones in September.

Capture button case

Separately, an early case leak has popped up that appears to show a cutout for the rumored Capture button.

This new button is expected to be added to the lower right side of the iPhone 16 Pro, providing fast access to camera features in a more reachable area than the Action button.

If it ships, the Capture button could potentially free up the Action button for another task for those who assign camera features to the programmable button.

Apple similarly includes a dedicated hardware button for capturing spatial video and photos on Apple Vision Pro.

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