Is a refurbished Xbox Series X worth the savings?

    Finding an Xbox Series X still proves challenging, with Microsoft’s latest gaming console consistently out of stock at most retailers. High demand and supply shortages are primarily to blame, and while the situation appears to be improving, we’re still far from consoles sitting readily available on store shelves. However, if you’re looking to upgrade and hope to skip the wait, a refurbished Xbox Series X could be your best option.

    Refurbished Xbox Series X consoles only started popping up back in March, providing an opportunity to score a small discount on pre-loved hardware. The Microsoft Store and some third-party retailers currently offer refurbished units, pitching an easy and reliable alternative to auction sites and resellers. But should you buy a refurbished Xbox Series X, and are they worth the extra savings? Here’s a deeper dive into what’s being offered.

    Refurbished Xbox Series X: Price & where to buy

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