It’s no joke, you can get an OLED laptop for under £700 for Black Friday

Normally you have to pay a premium to get an OLED display on a laptop but ASUS has moved the goalposts significantly and put the tech within the reach of the more budget-conscious laptop buyer. And of course, we’re in Black Friday season, so combine these two facts together and we’re left with a very enticing offer.

ASUS has a couple of most excellent deals on a ZenBook OLED and a VivoBook OLED at Amazon UK, in both cases giving you a stylish, well kitted out laptop paired with a stunning display for under £700.

Getting an OLED display on a laptop for under £700 is absurd. Take that, MacBook Air.

Zenbook Oled

ASUS ZenBook OLED | Save £100

A 13-inch laptop with a full DCI-P3 coverage OLED display for this price? No, it’s not a mistake, and with an Intel Core i5, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB PCIe SSD alongside, you’ve got a pretty spectacular package at a bargain price.

£699 at Amazon

Vivobook 15 Oled

ASUS VivoBook K513EQ OLED | Save £150

If you need something a little bigger, this VivoBook packs a 15-inch OLED display with either a 6-core Ryzen 5 or a combination of Intel Core i5 and NVIDIA MX350 graphics, in both cases under £700.

From £640 at Amazon

OLED displays offer a number of benefits, including power efficiency, image quality, brightness, and contrast, and come with wide color gamut support. This makes them useful for creators as well as folks who just want their content to look good. Normally reserved for the more expensive laptop models out there, these ASUS notebooks shun that and bring the technology to the masses.

Sure, both are ‘only’ 1080p OLED panels, but how many pixels do you really need on a laptop, especially if your budget is £700? At 13.3-inches, in particular, 1080p resolution still looks absolutely fine, and with fewer pixels to push you’re giving your battery and GPU an easier time as well.

Both of these crazy laptop deals should be live until the end of Cyber Monday and this is certainly an opportunity we haven’t had before. Grab it with both hands.

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