ITTx Token Registers Strong Performance on its First Day on WBF Exchange

/EIN News/ — HONG KONG, Sept. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Market trading of the ITTx, a token that was incepted with the objective of having it serve as a bridge between the centralized market and De-Fi market, began on WBF Exchange on September 21st, 2021. The token got off to a strong start on its first day of market trading with market price between the first and last trade of the day rising over 339% from 2.0000 to close at 8.7963 USDT. This marked strong gains for traders who bought the token early during its listing and even bigger gains for token holders who participated in the ITTx token’s pre-sale.

This is a rather unusual phenomenon as a cryptocurrency’s price tends to cool within hours after its listing on an exchange due to investors who bought the token during its pre-sale and even the token’s project team looking to cash in, thereby leading to large amounts of the token being dumped upon its listing.

Market analysts believe that the ITTx token’s extraordinary market performance can, in a large part be attributed to the prudent strategies adopted by ITTx’s team, most notably its vesting strategy, which applied not only to its founding team but also holders of ITTx tokens that were bought during its pre-sale phase.

According to preliminary market data, the vesting strategy adopted by the ITTx team not only helped the token to retain its value but further boosted market demand for the ITTx by limiting the market supply of tokens which in turn strengthened market confidence in and demand for the ITTx token.

The ITTx token’s successful listing and its strong market performance has had a very powerful branding effect on the project. With cryptocurrency investors worldwide looking to invest in digital assets beyond mainstream tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the ITTx looks set to gain additional market awareness and interest due to its successful listing and strong market performance.

Richard Kranenborg, Managing Director of IQE Limited, the company behind the ITTx token’s inception and exchange listing stated that “We should look at the ITTx token’s successful listing on WBF Exchange as going beyond price or market value. We should see it as a ground-breaking moment for the project that would benefit its overall growth as a whole.”

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