Jordan Peterson Believes That Bitcoin Is The Hope For The Future

On a show called What is Money?, clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson said that the ability to save up is an essential tool for self-regulation and planning for the future. 

But when inflation becomes uncontrollable, those who put in their efforts to delay gratification get punished for their choice. On the other hand, Bitcoin does the opposite.

He was joined by Robert Breedlove, a Bitcoin entrepreneur and the pair went on to talk about money and discuss the effects of fiat inflation on people who forego instant gratification and how Bitcoin gives hope for the future.

Peterson believes that people who are saving up for the future are the ‘pillars of our society’ and they are getting hurt by hyperinflation.

He further said that while hyperinflation distorts the market, there are no such distortions or interference in Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency enables a free market, according to the psychologist.

Peterson also believes that Bitcoin might be the device that enables society to adapt to what he describes as the horizon of the future. 

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