Just FYI, your ‘Genshin Impact’ pulls are funding a tokamak nuclear fusion reactor, and it has now been ignited 🔥

What you need to know

  • Genshin Impact is one of the most popular PC games in the world. 
  • A free-to-play “gatcha” game, Genshin Impact allows players to collect dozens of anime-styled heroes and is frequently updated with large story beats and new areas. 
  • Developer MiHoYo invested $65 million dollars into nuclear fusion technology a couple of years ago. 
  • The fruits of those labors are now being realized, as MiHoYo’s very own tokamak fusion reactor has been ignited. 
  • Tokamak fusion reactors are widely regarded as the holy grail of energy generation. If perfected, the technology could provide “infinite” power generation without harmful byproducts like carbon emissions. 

A couple of years ago, Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners reported that MiHoYo of Genshin Impact fame had invested $65 million into the ultimate clean energy project. And now, the investment has begun bearing fruit. 

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular PC games in the entire world. A free-to-play “gatcha” game, players can collect dozens of anime-styled heroes, earning in-game currency by playing or purchasing for chances to unlock them. Genshin Impact’s popularity stems from its live service, which is frequently updated with large, high-quality story content patches, on top of new playable areas, similar to titles like World of Warcraft and the like. Unlike World of Warcraft, though, Genshin Impact is using some of its profits to fund nuclear fusion technology. 

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