KuCoin crypto exchange is easy to use, cheap and keeps your cryptocurrencies safe

    As cryptocurrencies gain traction globally, users are constantly looking for a reliable exchange that adheres to strict safety and security policies and can offer the best features without downtime.

    KuCoin is an international
    crypto-exchange, often referred to as “people’s exchange.” It was named one of the best crypto exchanges for 2021 by Forbes Advisor due to its wide variety of offerings — 630+ trading assets and 1100+ trading pairs.

    The exchange aims to democratize finance for everyone by simplifying the trading process. It’s as simple as choosing an asset, tapping the buy button, and selecting the quantity. Additionally, the copy trading part lets one browse the most successful strategies on the platform and shape a portfolio that matches expectations as well as returns.

    Quick and seamless KYC

    Some exchanges require a lengthy verification process that includes sending identification scans, portraits, and even audio-video recording just to use the platform. On KuCoin, only partial verification is needed, and complete verification is only in case of suspicious activity or if the withdrawal exceeds 2 BTC in 24 hours.

    Competitive pricing, superior services

    trading fees are very competitive, and investors can receive a discount based on their average monthly holding of the platform’s native token,
    KCS, or their previous month’s trading volume. No monthly fee is levied.
    50% of the daily trading fees received by the exchange are paid out to KCS holders in proportion to the number of shares they hold, with 6 KCS being the minimum you can have to receive the bonus.

    The exchange uses 10% of its net profit to buy back KCS tokens and burn them every quarter to avoid inflation. Based on the user’s trading volume or KCS ownership, the account’s VIP status increases, in turn offering lower fees.

    Top-notch security for worry-free trading

    Based out of Seychelles, the platform started in 2013 and is currently among the top five, according to CoinMarketCap. Since it was launched, the KuCoin exchange has not experienced any significant problems, and generally, the platform does not suffer from any system overloads. The site also offers two-factor authentication for its users.

    Although, it did suffer a breach in 2020, resulting in a theft of $285 million. The exchange recovered 84% of the stolen tokens due to prompt actions, cooperation with other crypto players, and superior blockchain tracking capability.

    The remaining loss was easily bridged by leveraging the exchange’s funds and insurance.

    Quick customer support

    A user can effortlessly reach out for support via live chat or generate a ticket in the help center. The response is prompt and local communities have been set up in Europe, South East Asia, and other regions to provide localized help.

    What sets it apart?

    KuCoin Spotlight is a unique initiative for early-stage crypto projects and initial token distribution. It has so far backed 18 projects, and their adoption has been phenomenal. LUKSO increased by 187x and PDEX by 114x. CHMB, the last KuCoin Spotlight, achieved a 143x ATH return of investment.

    KuCoin Crypto Lending supports 70 different cryptocurrencies, and one can choose a term of 7, 14, or 28 days. The daily interest rate depends on the amount of interest you want to charge. For example, USDT has an APY ranging from 10 to 30%.

    KuCoin Trading Bot is easily programmable with rules based on the user’s strategy, making execution automatic and real-time. The bots are free, and they run on a cloud. A constant mobile or desktop connection isn’t needed. The user can see the most successful bots ranked on a daily or 7-day basis and copy their configurations to create one for themselves.

    It offers long-term trading strategies as well. Instead of investing several thousand dollars into any cryptocurrency all at once, users can instruct the Trading Bot to invest small amounts at specific intervals over time.

    KuCoin is also the first to incorporate social trading within the platform. Called the
    KuCoin S, it’s a newsfeed featuring only verified crypto news, including project launches, token listings, among others. Users can add a token to their watchlist or portfolio and converse with others. While the biggest emphasis is on the social aspect, users can also make trades from KuCoin S. Other social features include engagement options such as like, share, and comment.

    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with KuCoin

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