Lex Luthor Has His Own Version of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is a popular and lucrative business that has boomed as of late, and now in DC Comics, Lex Luthor has jumped on the bandwagon too!

Warning: Spoilers for Justice League Incarnate #1!

The Superman villain known as Lex Luthor has had some wild schemes and ideas over the years, and now his latest one has seen him officially entering the cryptocurrency market! That’s right, this conniving businessman now has his own version of Bitcoin, and this new “Lexcoin” is aiming for the moon.

Revealed in the very first issue of Justice League Incarnate, by Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver, and Brandon Peterson, Lex finally deciding to jump into the crypto marketplace is a move that was undoubtedly a no-brainer for this evil mastermind. Needing to recruit a version of the Flash, Avery Ho, to the multiversal team called Justice League Incarnate, Earth-23’s Superman and Flashpoint Batman watch her battle it out with the villain named Replicant as he explains why he’s currently trying to destabilize the banks of China, bringing the idea of cryptocurrency into the conversation in the process.


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Fighting one another in spectacular fashion as Flash rushes innocent bystanders out of the way, Replicant lets slip a detail about Lex’s next business venture in the realm of digital currency. Saying that after he takes down the banks of China “the world will have to rely on cryptocurrency,” Replicant tells Flash that another reason for his villainous actions is because in doing so, he’ll be making himself — and any holder of Lex Luthor’s Lexcoin asset — rich beyond all reason.

Lex Luthor has a cryptocurrency

Referencing a popular crypto meme confirming his motivation, Replicant says, “Lexcoin value will go to the moon!” succinctly revealing that not only does Lex Luthor have a stake in the crypto market, but he’s continued his patented trend of putting his name on everything he touches. Going on to say that he craves “exponential growth,” Replicant annoys Flash to a point that she gets fed up with his “get-rich-quick” antics and handily puts him down, leaving fans with a new wrinkle in Lex Luthor’s grand business plans to think on as Flash is whisked away by the multiversal version of Superman and Batman.

Coming as no surprise to fans that Lex has jumped on the crypto bandwagon, the fact that Lex is constantly on the lookout for ways to increase his enormous wealth, social status, business — and villainous — mind, these qualities have become synonymous with the character to a point that fans might have been worried if Lex didn’t get into digital currency game in the pages of DC Comics. But probably the most interesting thought coming from all of this is whether Lexcoin is a cheap memecoin like the infamous Dogecoin or Shiba Inu assets, or an industry giant a la the original Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Regardless of either, Lex now having his own cryptocurrency in the aptly named Lexcoin is another character moment that shows just how in tune Lex is to the ebb and flow of any industry that can make him money. Like Replicant, Lex Luthor is also probably banking on the idea of Lexcoin going “to the moon,” so now fans are left to wonder who hired Replicant to destabilize all of China’s banks in the first place!

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