LG G2 OLED TV is now on clearance at John Lewis

The brilliant LG G2 OLED TV has been reduced to clear on John Lewis.

One of the best 65-inch TVs of 2022 has received several serious cuts over at the UK retailer, steadily dropping from its original price of £2,199.99 to a new clearance price of £1,439.99.

That’s a meaty saving of £760 on the LG OLED65G26LA’s original price. Not bad at all for such a high-grade TV set.

Save £760 on the LG G2 65-inch OLED TV

Save £760 on the LG G2 65-inch OLED TV

John Lewis is offering the 65-inch LG G2 OLED TV at a huge £760 discount as part of a clearance sale.

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  • Save £760
  • Now £1,439.99

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We reviewed the 65-inch LG G2 at the time, and gave it a glowing 5-star score. “The G2 is LG’s best OLED,” we concluded, “with improvements to its brightness reaping dividends by way of a fantastic HDR performance”.

Besides that improved brightness and excellent HDR performance, we appreciated the LG G2’s improved motion skills, extensive gaming-focused features, and its slim design. It’s also very well covered for streaming apps.

One caveat we noted at the time was the LG G2’s high price point, but that’s gone out of the window with this new clearance price.

You might be more familiar with the LG C2 and the C-series in general. It’s a cheaper pick than the LG G2, making it the more popular pick for most people.

However, the LG G2 is a flat out better TV, with superior picture quality, meatier sound output, and a more premium ‘Gallery’ design that makes it better suited to wall mounting.

The LG C-series has always represented better value, but now that the LG G2 has been discounted as heavily as it has, we’d seriously consider it.

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