Light No Fire will not repeat the mistakes of No Man’s Sky, heres why

Announced at The Game Awards 2023, ‘Light No Fire‘ is a fantasy game from Hello Games, the developers of No Man’s Sky—a title with a tumultuous history. Light No Fire has a Steam page confirming its arrival on PC, but it’s fair to assume it’ll hit Xbox Series X|S as well down the line similarly to its predecessor.

Over the past five years, Hello Games has been creating this new adventure, described by founder Sean Murray as “something very different, something more ambitious.”

This proclamation comes on the heels of No Man’s Sky’s transformation from one of the most hyped and anticipated titles of the decade to one of the most disappointing and controversial flops in gaming history. However, it’s time to stop dwelling on the past and extend a fresh opportunity to Hello Games. Through their continued dedication to the development of No Man’s Sky, they have proven more than capable of a successful launch, and here’s why.

Hello Games has already weathered this storm and harnessed its power for positive change

The self-burn is admirable, from both studios. (Image credit: X/Twitter)

The anticipation for No Man’s Sky was palpable back in 2016. However, the game, which promised to be a groundbreaking sci-fi exploration universe featuring procedurally-generated planets, lifeforms, and mysteries, turned out to be a disappointment. The trailers and interviews showcased stunning visuals, diverse environments, and intriguing gameplay, none of which players experienced in the released game. Hello Games learned the bitter lesson of overpromising the hard way, to the extent that they are now comfortable poking fun at themselves, showcasing a newfound confidence. With even Cyberpunk2077 jumping in on the roast.

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