Lightroom on Vision Pro is easy and intuitive, but a slower pace

A test of using Lightroom on Vision Pro found that the controls were easy and intuitive, but it did require a somewhat slower pace than working on a Mac.

Also, being based on the iPad app, the Vision Pro version of Lightroom doesn’t support all the features of the Mac app – and has one rather odd omission …

Using Lightroom on Vision Pro

CNET’s Stephen Shankland said that it offered an obvious use case when editing while travelling.

For me, the most compelling possibility with the Apple Vision Pro is using the virtual and augmented reality headset to have a private workspace in a public area. Lightroom fits right into that idea. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by my photos, but I don’t exactly enjoy sharing them with everybody on a plane flight.

He noted that it would also solve the problem of people reclining their seat in coach, so there’s hardly enough room to open your MacBook.

Shankland found the transition to the Vision Pro app very easy.

I can say it took only a few minutes to figure out how to use the headset for standard Lightroom actions like tweaking a photo’s exposure, applying some editing presets or gradually dehazing the sky.

Color me impressed. My experience helped convince me not only that Apple has done a good job figuring out an effective interface for what it calls “spatial computing,” but also that developers should have a reasonably easy time bringing at least their iPad apps to the system […]

I’d never used an Apple Vision Pro before, but it took me only a few moments to grasp this look-and-tap interaction.

Some missing features, including panoramic photos

He said that, like the iPad app on which it’s based, the Vision Pro Lightroom app doesn’t support all features – like merging different exposures into a single HDR photo.

There was one particularly odd omission, given that a headset is tailor-made for it.

If you want to take advantage of the Vision Pro’s ability to view a panoramic photo in all its wrap-around glory, you’ll have to export it to Apple Photos. That’s easy to do, but I’d like a more immersive option in the Lightroom app itself.

Whether a pro photographer would be satisfied with the limited color space of the Vision Pro remains to be seen, but certainly for more casual use, it sounds like the app hits the spot.

Image: Adobe

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