Make a Roborock smart robot vacuum yours for a special Black Friday price

Black Friday is here, and Roborock is offering some unbelievable discounts on its intelligent robot vacuums that you don’t want to miss! There’s a model to suit every lifestyle, so say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning your floors and hello to more free time. These fantastic deals are only available from November 20-27, so check out what’s on offer below.


The Q Revo is perfect for people who want to enjoy a premium smart robot vacuum without the premium price tag because it does it all.

The Q Revo, which can be controlled with an easy-to-use app, features both a mopping system and a vacuum. Its maintenance-free dock features auto mop washing and drying, auto dust emptying, and auto tank refilling. The mopping system has dual liftable spinning mops and powerful 5,500 Pa suction.

The Q Revo’s reactive tech obstacle avoidance means it will easily move around objects on the floor. It doesn’t get stuck in corners or fall down the stairs because it recognizes those places as “No-go zones.”

And your carpets will be spotless because the Q Revo will vacuum them twice.

Q Revo is originally $899.99. But in an exceptional Black Friday deal, Roborock has reduced the price by 24% so that you can get your own Q Revo for just $679.99 – a savings of $220.

S7Max Ultra

The hands-free S7Max Ultra has all of the best features of a complete floor-cleaning solution at an affordable price.

The S7Max Ultra keeps your floors and carpets spotless because it takes care of everything – it self-cleans, self-empties, self-washes, self-refills, and self-dries. And, of course, it self-charges. It’s got LiDAR quick mapping, so tell it what to do with its app, and off it goes.

Its liftable brush and VibraRise® Mopping system means it swaps between vacuuming and mopping with ease. This smart robot can vacuum and mop simultaneously, vacuum only, mop only, or vacuum then mop. Like the Q Revo, it has mighty 5,500 Pa suction power, so it doesn’t miss a thing. But it will miss the things it’s supposed to, like toys or shoes, because it has a Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance System.

The S7Max Ultra’s retail price is $1,299.99, but its special Black Friday price is $949.99. That’s a markdown of 27% and a savings of $350.

S8Pro Ultra

Ready to get your leisure time back? The S8 Pro Ultra is an outstanding choice for busy people who want their floors to stay clean daily. And if you have kids and/or fur babies, this intelligent automatic robot vacuum cleaner is ideal.

The S8 Pro Ultra’s “ultra” dock empties, washes, refills, and even dries itself. Its system has an all-new reactive 3D obstacle recognition & avoidance technology and an easy-to-use app control. 

It also features the VibraRise® 2.0 + DuoRoller Riser™ Brush + Increased Suction Power (6000Pa) that cleans anything and everything, on any floor, from hardwood to tiles, and even carpets and rugs. 

The S8 Pro Ultra is normally priced at $1,599.99. But, in the best deal Roborock has ever offered, the S8 Pro Ultra is now 25% off and priced at $1,199.99 – that’s a $400 savings!

Dyad Pro

Did your toddler spill apple juice? Did your dog drop kibble all over the place? No need to stress – the Dyad Pro vacuum cleaner has got it covered. Its unique combination of a full-length roller and two front rollers means that it can clean right up to walls in a single sweep. The rollers are dried with hot air, and that keeps them clean and smelling fresh. With unbelievable 17,000 Pa suction power, wet spills, pet hair, and dry messes don’t stand a chance. The Dyad Pro also has a fantastic 43-minute battery life.

Check out these other Black Friday deals on more excellent Roborock products:

Q5+ – Normally $699.99, now 43% off at $399.99 for a savings of $300

Q7Max+ – Normally $869.99, now 43% off at $499.99 for a savings of $370

S7 – Normally $649.99, now 45% off at $359.99 with a savings of $290

Q8Max+ – Normally $819.99, now 27% off at $599.99 with a savings of $220

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