Market Dip Encourages Savvy Blockchain Investors

VesTallyToken Unique Features:

Block Chain Voting: Token holders have weighted voting rights; proposals are issued to the VesTallyToken dashboard and holders can post their choice of growth strategies to the blockchain.

5% Reward & 2% Burn: 5% of every buy and sell transaction is automatically redistributed to all token holders. There is no need for holders to claim their rewards as $VTT is delivered automatically to their wallets and 2% is permanently burned.

Anti-Whale Mechanism: The Smart contract will ensure that no sales transactions higher than 0.5% of the circulating supply are possible at once.

Over the course of time, with carefully designed tokenomics and blockchain governance, VesTallyToken is primed to sustain market fluctuation. The Liquidity on PancakeSwap is locked by the contract for one year, protecting project investors. Tokens reserved for the team are also locked by PinkSale and released over time to avoid developer sell off to limit developer impact on token price.

To increase the token utility, VesTallyToken is building an ecosystem around $VTT which includes the already deployed proposal voting system and holding transparency dashboard. Future development includes a niche NFT marketplace, NFT Play-to-Earn games, and token staking pools.

The VesTallyToken contract is publicly viewable and was fully audited by within a day of launch. The goal for VesTallyToken is to reward and empower holders and it’s clear that VesTallyToken earned its high utility and sustainability scores. 

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