MediaTek’s new Dimensity 8300 SoC benefits from hefty performance and power efficiency boosts

After unveiling the new Dimensity 9300 flagship processor, MediaTek has just announced the Dimensity 8300 chipset which will power a range of affordable but still premium smartphones. As with the flagship chip, the Dimensity 8300 features on-device generative AI plus hefty performance and power efficiency boosts.

Unlike the 9300 which went big on all its cores, the Dimensity 8300 stays faithful to the more traditional 1+3+4 architecture using ARMv9 cores that includes a Cortex-X3 prime core alongside a trio of Cortex-A715 cores and a foursome of Cortex-A510 efficiency cores. The Dimensity 8300 is built using the 4nm manufacturing process and will sport a Mali G52 MC6 graphic processing unit.

Compared to the 8200, the Dimensity 8300 offers 60% more performance and 55% better power efficiency, and supports LPDDR5X memory at higher clock speeds as well as the much quicker UFS 4.0.

Other key features of the MediaTek Dimensity 8300 include:
● LP5x 8533Mbps and UFS4.0 MCQ memory provides a 33% speed boost on LPDDR and up to
100% faster R/W to flash compared to Dimensity 8300’s predecessor.
● MediaTek 5G UltraSave 3.0+ improves 5G power efficiency up to 20% in daily usage scenarios
compared to the previous generation.
● Upgraded Wi-Fi 6E performance with 160 MHz bandwidth, plus Wi-Fi/Bluetooth hybrid
coexistence technology so earbuds, wireless gamepads, and other peripherals work together
● Dimensity 5G Open Resource Architecture (DORA), allowing device makers to create unmatched
smartphones that stand out in unique ways amongst competitors.

We should see the first Dimensity 8300-powered smartphones launching in the global market before the end of 2023.

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