Meet Nobility Token, a New Coin With Plans to Raise the Standard of Esports

    This year, however, there’s a new buzzword coming to stake its claim. Gamefi is set to be the new rock and roll of the gaming community in 2022. The term is a mashup of blockchain technology, esports, and gamification and experts are predicting it will be a household name by the end of the year. One project hoping to be among the flagship Gamefi contenders is Nobility Token. The heraldic-themed altcoin, NFT, and play-to-earn project is just about to drop their white paper and has opened its whitelist which gives backers a guaranteed path to minting an NFT.

    Nobility Token is the next logical step in the eSports arena. We’ve had in-game currencies for years now and there are now many professionals who make their living playing video games. Nobility Token is simply the common thread that connects those dots.” Kyle McDougal, CEO, Nobility Token

    A noble benefactor

    The team plan to use the proceeds from their launch to purchase and set up their game world in Decentraland and the Sandbox Metaverse. Once complete, it’s here that players from all over the world will compete in sponsored tournaments for real-world rewards. The knight-based theme behind Nobility Token will also play a big part in the gameplay and the token’s universe. The team is looking to launch their first play-to-earn, android-based, beta in the summer, with a full game launch planned for the last quarter.

    A knight’s tale

    The first step on the road to Camelot, so to speak, was $NBL’s successful ICO in June of last year. The developers added a nifty rewards tax built into each transaction. This pool forms the prize fund with which they hope to attract the world’s best gamers to their tournaments. Further down the line, there’s talk of actual bricks and mortar gaming centres as well as sponsorship and merchandising deals for the big players in the leagues. There’s even a knight-based animated series in the pipeline.

    Join the crusade

    The Nobility Token is about to release their white paper and they have opened their whitelist. So, if you’d like to make sure you get a shot at minting of their Noble Knight NFTs you can grab a White Shield Pass in advance. Right now, the team is inviting interested parties to make themselves known and join the project’s active social media channels and discussion groups.

    You can find out more about the project here.


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