Microsoft AI framework turns software engineers into mere supervisors, potentially marking the end of coding as a career

What you need to know

  • A research paper recently published by Microsoft details how its AI framework is turning software engineering into a fully automated task, rendering developers “mere supervisors.”
  • NVIDIA’s CEO had previously warned that coding is not a viable career option for the future generation as AI will eventually take over the profession.
  • Upskilling seems like a viable option, especially if you want to explore opportunities in coding.
  • Recruiters are actively seeking professionals with AI skills.

While safety and privacy are among the significant concerns among users with the prevalence and fast adoption of AI, the loss of jobs to AI is quickly rising in the ranks, too. Microsoft’s Bill Gates recently expressed fear of losing his career to AI but indicated the technology presents a 3-day workweek opportunity as it can handle mundane and recurring tasks.

NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, shared the same sentiments and claimed that coding might be dead in the water as a career option for the next generation, given the rapid adoption of generative AI. As it turns out, Huang and Microsoft might be on the same train of thought regarding coding as a viable career option for the future generation. 

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