Microsoft applies for a patent on a device with a reverse foldable display right as LG invents one

    In the Matrix Reloaded (2003), the ever-so-positive Morpheus said, “I do not see coincidence, I see providence. I see purpose.” The same may be said regarding Microsoft and the future of its foldable phone, the Surface Duo, and some new information all coming to light this week.

    A new patent application by Microsoft, spotted by “Walking Cat,” demonstrates a unique way to make a foldable display happen without creating an angled gap and how to reverse-fold it 360-degrees for a single-display mode.

    Such a design would solve many perceived issues with Microsoft’s Surface Duo, which relies on two displays instead of one. While Surface Duo can reverse fold into many different postures, including a single-screen mode, the gap created by the two displays can be frustrating for those who would prefer one large, single-screen experience, especially when watching a video.

    A close up of the hinge in Microsoft’s foldable display patent application showing 0, 300, and 360-degrees. (Image credit: USPTO)

    While Surface Duo multitasks like no other phone advances coming with Google’s Android 12L are likely to act as software fixes to mimic the dual-screen experience without OEMs having to “hack it” themselves, much like Samsung.

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