Microsoft Intune issue prevents Samsung devices from accessing Gmail and VPNs

An issue related to Microsoft Intune may prevent some Samsung devices from accessing VPN and email applications. The problem is caused by apps losing access to certificates after updating to Android 12. Due to the issue, Samsung devices enrolled in a work profile through Microsoft Intune may not be able to use Gmail, AnyConnect VPN, and some other apps. Microsoft has not specified which Samsung devices are affected by the issue.

Microsoft states that it is working with Samsung on a permanent fix for the problem. The company also shared temporary workarounds that will allow affected devices to work with AnyConnect VPN and Gmail.

“Microsoft Intune was recently alerted to an issue for Samsung devices enrolled with a work profile that, after updating to Android 12, some email and VPN applications are losing access to certificates when the user tries to access them (such as Gmail and AnyConnect VPN),” explains Microsoft.

VPN app access can be restored by clearing the app cache for the affected application. Users should be able to get Gmail working again by removing and reinstalling the work profile and Company Portal. Admins can also remove and re-add the Gmail device configuration as a workaround.

The steps to perform these workarounds are outlined by Microsoft in a Tech Community post.

Microsoft promises to share new information as it becomes available.

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