Microsoft is exploring adding a command line text editor into Windows, and it wants your feedback

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has opened a thread on GitHub exploring the possibility of adding a default CLI (command line interface) text editor into Windows. 
  • While you can launch graphical apps from the command line, such as VS Code, many developers, admins and even end users, still work in a predominantly CLI environment. 
  • Microsoft wants user feedback on the idea, with the end goal potentially having a default option that users can launch straight into while working in the terminal. 

Those who never dip inside a terminal on Windows 11 might not know or care, but those who do, there’s a potentially interesting development being explored to make your lives easier. 

Personally, I wasn’t aware that 64-bit Windows doesn’t ship with a default command line text editor, but that could be something that’s going to change in the future. 

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