Microsoft previews Android-to-Windows notification mirroring

Microsoft is rolling out an update to insiders enabling notification mirroring from Android to Windows via their existing ‘Your Phone’ app.

Microsoft introduced their ‘Your Phone’ app last year so Windows users can text from their PC, share files between devices, and even mirror their mobile screen as of a few months ago for a few supported devices, however, possibly the most important feature has been missing the entire time; notifications.

Well that all changes today as Microsoft has announced they are finally rolling out notification mirroring, for early-accessing ‘insiders’ anyway.

The functionality is incomplete and not foolproof at this point, hence being in preview, and its lack of notification actions such as replies or the like is fairly limiting, but it still makes the Your Phone app far more useful than before and I’m sure would be very handy for many out there.

Of course, Microsoft is far from the first company to work out integrations of Android and Windows as various solutions have existed for years – I particularly like Dell’s implementation – however the functionality being more closely linked with the Windows OS makes it more readily accessible and more likely to take advantage of Windows’ own systems for notifications and such.

To use the feature insiders will need an Android device running Android Nougat or later and a PC running Windows 10 v1803 or later.

I’m sure we’ll see the functionality expand and improve in the future.

Source and image: Vishnu Nath on Twitter

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