Microsoft To-Do can now manage flagged emails from personal accounts

The Microsoft To-Do app on Windows and iOS can now sync and manage your flagged emails from personal Microsoft accounts. The feature, which initially rolled out in March, was initially available only for work and school accounts.

With the latest update on both Windows and iOS, you’ll now be able to turn on a new “Flagged Email” smart list. Whenever you flag an email from your personal Microsoft account tied to To-Do, you’ll then see it appear inside this smart list. Each entry in To-Do will be labeled by the email’s subject line, and the task will contain the body text and a shortcut to open the email.

In addition to flagged email management, the To-Do app for iOS has also added support for Microsoft Planner integration through work and school accounts. Here’s a rundown of the iOS release notes:

If you want to give the flagged emails smart list a try, you can grab the latest versions of To-Do for iOS and Windows now.

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