Microsoft’s return to mobile will be a dual-screen Surface that runs Android apps

It looks like 2020 is going to be weird, and will likely see both several new folding devices, plus a return to mobile for Microsoft. Both those things are related, too, since Microsoft’s device is rumored to be a folding Microsoft Surface device that can run Android apps.

Surface Phone? Finally? Maybe? Probably not.

It’s still a rumor, so take everything with a grain of salt, but even the rumor says it probably won’t actually be a phone. The Surface line is more about productivity machines, whether in laptop or tablet form, and despite the slightly smaller size of this device, it won’t be something to toss in your pocket and make calls with.

Instead it will be marketed as a productivity device with a custom-built processor from Intel that’s capable of running Win32 apps as well as Android applications thanks to its touch screen. It also supposedly won’t fold in the way that the Galaxy Fold does, but instead just to use two regular 4:3 screens together as a much bigger screen.

We’ve seen Microsoft dabble in this with all of the support for integrating Android and Windows 10, so honestly this whole thing isn’t too far-fetched. I still think it’d be a tough sell for a lot of users, especially with the coming folding phones from other manufacturers, but it’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft takes a crack at mobile after failing with Windows Phone, even if it isn’t exclusively using their own platform’s apps.

source: Tom’s Guide

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