Monster Hunter Puzzles Release Date, Pre-Registration, and more!

Thanks to the acclaim and revenue brought in by Monster Hunter Now, Capcom is continuing their mobile gaming ventures; this time with a match-3 puzzler/city builder titled Monster Hunter Puzzles: Felyne Isles. Capcom has finally lined it up for a global release after almost a year long testing in Canada and Japan.

The Felynes of the Monster Hunter universe take centre stage this time as you help them solve challenging puzzles, defeat daunting monsters and rebuild their devastated island. Read on to find out the latest information about the release date and pre-registrations as well as a sneak peek at the official trailer.

Release Date & Available Platforms





Capcom’s Monster Hunter Puzzles is lined up for a global release on June 27, 2024. The game will release for Android and iOS devices as a free-to-play title with some in-game purchases on offer.


Pre-registrations for Monster Hunter Puzzles are live until June 26, 2024. Android and iOS users can pre-register for Monster Hunter Puzzles using the links below. You can also use Capcom’s official website to pre-register.

Pre-Registration Rewards

Capcom is giving out great in-game rewards for achieving pre-registration and official social media follower goals. Here’s a list of all possible rewards:

  • 500 Gems: Granted upon crossing 50,000 pre-registrations.
  • Rathalos Cap and Parka (Outfits): Granted upon crossing 100,000 pre-registrations.
  • 500 gems, 1 Rocket x Large Barrel Bomb, and 1 Horn: Granted upon crossing 150,000 pre-registrations.
  • Khezu Hood, Suit, and Wings (Outfits): Granted upon crossing 200,000 pre-registrations.

More rewards will be announced if the game crosses 200,000 pre-registrations and social media followers across platforms.

Pre-registration campaign for Monster Hunter PuzzlesPre-registration campaign for Monster Hunter Puzzles
Image: Capcom

Monster Hunter Puzzles Trailer

YouTube videoYouTube video

Video: Capcom USA

The trailer showcases the advanced match-3 action, ensures the return of some fan-favorite Monster Hunter characters, and provides a sneak peek at how the player versus monster combat works. We also get a look at the city builder aspect of the game. Players must build as per the demands of the Felyne Isles catizens.


The countdown for Monster Hunter Puzzles has officialy begun and you can follow every second of it right on this page. Check this space for possible guides and gameplay tips for Monster Hunter Puzzles once the game releases.

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