More Galaxy S20 details surface, confirming display refresh rates and storage options

More details about Samsung’s freshly renamed Galaxy S20 Ultra have popped up, confirming a few of the more minute details about the phone that you might be curious about. Read on to find out what’s going on with the phone’s refresh rate, camera configuration, and storage options.

Resolution or refresh rate: pick one

Ice Universe has been rapid-firing Galaxy S20 leaks lately, with the latest talking about the refresh rate of the screen. Despite seemingly hinting at higher refresh rates this year, it looks like that feature is going to come with a catch.

Samsung has officially (at least according to the leak) canceled the option for WQHD resolutions running at 120Hz on the Galaxy S20 and all of its variants, including the Ultra. That means if you want the higher refresh rate, you’ll need to drop the resolution down to 1080p instead, which Samsung allows for in the settings. You can also still run 1080p at 60Hz, if you’re particularly concerned with battery life.

If you jump up the WQHD native resolution of the Galaxy S20’s panel, you’ll be locked at 60Hz, same as we’ve always had. For better or worse, this was probably made to preserve decent battery life.

Storage options, big battery

Interestingly, it’s also leaked that the Galaxy S20 Ultra will come in 128/256/512GB configurations, with either 12GB or 16GB of RAM. It will also keep the microSD card slot.

That’s interesting because the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ both started at 256GB options, and it seemed like that probably would’ve been the floor for Samsung flagships. That’s not the case, however, and the phone will start at 128GB just like the Galaxy S10. This decision might be because of the microSD card slot, though.

You can expect a massive 5000mAh battery in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, plus 45W fast charging that can totally rejuice the phone in just 74 minutes.

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