Motorola Felix is an upcoming rollable smartphone to complement its foldable Razr line


    Motorola hasn’t been shy about trying to tackle the folding phone market, and we’ve already heard that they’ve got a third-generation Razr coming later this year. It’s another iterative design that shows Motorola is trying to figure out what consumers are really looking for in a foldable device, alongside Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold lines.

    But today we’re talking about a rollable phone from Motorola, codenamed Felix. It tackles a similar problem as foldables (how do we make a big phone small?) but it’s going about the problem in a slightly different way.

    Motorola Felix

    While that upcoming third-gen Razr, codenamed Maven, is speculated to launch sometime this summer, we’re not entirely sure when or even if we could actually see Felix launch. This leak comes from Evan Blass via 91mobiles, and even he admits that this product is early enough in development that it could see significant changes or even a cancellation, and it’d be silly to expect anything to come out of it within a year.

    Felix tries to stand on its own compared to other rollable offerings, which all tend to roll horizontally to turn a regular phone into something roughly the size of a tablet. Instead of taking that approach, Motorola is using the same design philosophy that they have with the Razr: how do we make our regular phone fold down smaller, as opposed to unfolding and becoming bigger?

    This prototype reportedly works the same way, unrolling from the bottom and making the device taller vertically, not horizontally. That means at the end of the day you do have less screen space to work with, but you get a phone that’s much more pocket friendly while keeping the standard 5 or 6 inch screens that we’re all so used to these days.

    Is that what Motorola will stick with, especially if Samsung continues to make bigger waves with its unfolding, large screen devices? Hard to say, but we’ll be keeping out ears out for more news.

    source: 91mobiles

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