MoviePass closes the curtains for good (finally)

MoviePass, the subscription movie-going experience that set the internet on fire last year, has finally announced that they’re closing up shop. And no, it’s not like that 4th of July weekend where they just quit for a few days. MoviePass is done for good.

This closure is probably long overdue, since MoviePass never actually figured out how to make any money. $10 per month was too low of a price, especially in markets where a single ticket could cost more than $10. A subscriber in an area like that seeing a single movie per month put MoviePass in the red, and there’s no way around that.

But on the bright side, this whole fiasco has kickstarted several other subscription options from other theaters. AMC A-List, for example, has been doing pretty well, both by user and AMC standards. It’s a little more expensive at $20+ per month, but it’s also sustainable.

So if you’ve still been hanging on to that MoviePass subscription, it’s time to give it up and either go to another theater’s subscription service, or go back to buying tickets individually. I’ve been on A-List for a while and I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit, so if you need some advice, check it out if you have an AMC nearby.

source: CNBC

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