My favorite Ember mug is still on sale for Cyber Monday, and I’m temped to buy another

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Ember Travel Mug 2+

$160 $200 Save $40

The Ember Travel Mug 2+ takes the seamless self-heating Bluetooth technology from the original mug option and applies it to a to-go cup. Additionally, it incorporates Apple’s Find My network to help you find your mug in case you (like me) have a bad habit of misplacing things.

As both a coffee lover and slow drinker, my coffee often becomes too cold before I’d like it to — and reheating in the microwave just doesn’t preserve the same taste. That’s why I was thrilled when I saw Ember introduce a second-generation travel coffee mug which, like the standard mug, is controlled via your phone using Bluetooth technology. However, almost as hard to digest as stale coffee was the $200 price tag.

Sure, it’s an impressive gadget I think is well worth the investment, but it’s still a little too pricey for a coffee gadget (especially when I already splurged on a smart coffee maker). So, when it dropped last Cyber Monday, I hopped at the chance to buy myself an early holiday gift. And this Cyber Monday, it’s still $40 off at Best Buy, once again making it $160 instead of that steep $200.


I can’t live without my Ember mug and it’s still $40 off after Black Friday

The 14oz Temperature Control Smart Mug (v2) by Ember is down to $110 and it’s my most used gadget in the winter months.

Why the Ember Travel Mug 2+ is a good investment this Cyber Monday

The second iteration of Ember’s Travel Mug, the 2+ model not only has an on-mug touchscreen that allows you to set an ideal temperature, but also includes a built-in battery that lasts up to three hours. To set the temperature, you can either use the app on your phone or use the mug itself, which ranges between 120°F – 145°F. While 145° is still significantly colder than the temperatures Starbucks or Dunkin’ serve their coffees at, keep in mind that the mug is merely supposed to keep your beverage warm rather than act as the initial heater.

In use, I’ve found that both the touch screen and long-lasting battery make it even more convenient to keep my coffee warm even as I walk the colder streets of New York City with my hands full of other gadgets. When I get back from my outings, I simply place the mug on the sleek charging coaster that fits seamlessly on my kitchen counter and charge the internal battery so that it’s ready for the next hot beverage batch. Without the charging coaster, the mug usually lasts me a full eight-hour work day, but is definitely in need of a top-up when I return.

Perhaps my favorite feature, however, is that the mug can actually connect to Apple’s renowned ‘Find My’ feature, and you can track the mug on your iPhone as you would with AirPods, an Apple Watch, AirTag, or MacBook.


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At $40 off, I would highly recommend buying the Ember Mug while it’s at a discount, as it doesn’t seem to go on sale very often, and it makes a great holiday gift for yourself or other coffee-loving friends or family members.

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