Netflix and Disney+ get integrated into Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV can be more than just a storefront to buy digital content. It can also keep all of your movies and TV shows from all of your streaming services in one place, making it easy to access everything from one place. It works with quite a few different services, but so far it’s lacked Netflix for years, and Disney+ has been too new to be integrated.

That looks like it’s finally changing, though, and Google has managed to convince Netflix to change their tune and hop on board.

Having Disney+ added is an extra plus, since the service is new and rapidly growing in popularity. These join other services like Hulu, Prime Video, Showtime, Starz, and a few others.

To set this up, simply open up the Play Movies & TV app and hit the menu in the left corner. The middle option in that menu will be “Manage Services,” and that’s what you’ll use to link up all of the services installed on your phone. If the app’s are already installed and logged in, you shouldn’t have to do much, either. Just tap on them and let the app do its thing.

Now you’ll be able to search for content within Netflix and Disney+ instead of having to specifically jump into those apps to find what you want to watch.

via: Android Police

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