Neufund Receives Green Light to Offer Security Tokens to Retail Investors

On September 16th 2019, Neufund received regulatory approval from the Financial Monetary Authority (FMA) in Liechtenstein to offer security tokens to retail investors. The platform’s first public offering of tokenized equity for retail investors is already underway.

How Neufund Can
Now Offer Security Tokens to Retail Investors

Neufund is a security token
issuance platform. In late 2018, the company raised
€3 million
in its own Security Token Offering (STO), which was the first
STO to be completed in Europe. Out of a concern for regulatory compliance, the offering
was limited to sophisticated investors.

Now however, Neufund has received the regulatory green light
to offer tokenized securities to retail investors. The approval comes from
Liechtenstein’s FMA.

The regulatory approval allows for retail-grade public
offerings for tokenized equity with a minimum ticket size of €10. US-based
investors are allowed to participate, but must be accredited.

Zoe Adamovicz, Neufund co-founder and CEO, says the approval
will democtratize access to funding for entrepreneurs and companies across the

According to Adamovicz,

“It’s a big day – not just for Neufund, but business and finance communities at large.”

Even Adrian Hasler, the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein, commented on the news:

“This shows that Liechtenstein, with its open attitude towards new technologies, is perceived as an attractive location for innovative business models.”

Neufund has already announced the first retail issuer on its
platform. Greyp, an electrical mobility platform backed by Porsche, Camel Group,
and T-Mobile, is looking to raise funds through Neufund from retail investors.
The offering opened on September 16th.

In addition to equity, security tokens have seen implementation in assets such as real estate, investment funds, and even fine art.

Neufund is currently working to host future securities
offerings for companies based in India, Croatia, Germany, and Belgium.

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Image courtesy of Neufund.

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