New Helldivers 2 update sneaks Automaton AT-AT walkers and gunships past the patch notes

Less than 24 hours after Helldivers 2 players started to spot huge cloaked warships orbiting over Automaton planets, the bot menace has begun calling in the cavalry. Following the release of a new patch early on Tuesday morning, Super Earth forces have started encountering two new stealthily added enemy types: heavily armed and armored walkers and lethal gunships that rain fire from the skies.

The former are massive four-legged walking fortresses called Factory Striders, and while the Helldivers 2 community is colloquially referring to them as “AT-ATs” from Star Wars, they’re much closer to Republic AT-TEs from the prequel era. Like the Clone Wars tank, Factory Striders attack with a massive laser cannon up top as well as rapid-fire blasters in the front. Oh, and in case you’re wondering where the “factory” part of their name comes from, they periodically deploy Devastator shock troops from their undercarriage. Sweet Liberty, save me.

Like Automaton Hulks and Annihilator Tanks, Factory Striders have extremely thick armor and can only reliably be damaged with heavy stratagems like the Eagle 500kg Bomb or anti-armor support weapons like rocket launchers and the newly added Quasar Cannon. According to initial reports like this one from u/CappedPluto, the walkers have “no easy to find vents” for weak point damage, though they’re extremely susceptible to being flanked if you’re able to use cover to get close. Still, with space marines like u/Dwokimmortalus saying they “killed one with two orbital lasers, but it took the full cycle of each,” you can expect a tough battle whenever one of these stomps your way.

A clear look at the new gunships you might now run into during Automaton missions. (Image credit: u/Bigglettt on Reddit)

Then there are the gunships, which have now been deployed following a recent report from Super Earth High Command that the Automatons were broadcasting blueprints for the aircraft to a hidden location beyond the borders of the galaxy map. These close air support craft spam missiles and laser fire at Helldivers from above, though they can be reliably taken down with any support weapon capable of decent armor penetration. That means all the heavy duty stuff will get the job done no problem, as will more “medium” options like the Autocannon that have more ammo and uptime.

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