New Total War game being revealed on September 19

In a recent development update blog, Creative Assembly confirmed that the studio would be talking about the next ‘Saga’ Total War game relatively soon. Today, they’ve made good on that, teasing a new reveal tomorrow:

While speculation abounds as to just what this Total War game will focus on, a leaked magazine seen on Reddit indicates that it is set during the Trojan War. The cover states the game is set in an “Epic battle in a world of gods and monsters.”

Total War: Three Kingdoms includes two different modes, one that aims for historical realism and one that is more fanciful, lending itself to the romances and epics of the period. It’s possible that this new game will be doing the same thing, with one mode grounded in reality and another involving gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters. We’ll be sure to cover the announcement and any new information as it is revealed.

The Saga games are a spinoff series that focus on a particular event or more localized period and area in history. This is in contrast to the grand, massively-sized mainline games such as Total War: Three Kingdoms or the hugely successful fantasy series Total War: Warhammer. The first Saga title was Thrones of Britannia, while the Fall of the Samurai expansion for Shogun 2 was changed into a Saga standalone game.

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