NFC in smartphones: features of technology, principle of operation, settings and use

Any modern smartphone cannot be considered complete without the existence of the NFC function. Do you know what NFC is? How to configure NFC and use this technology? And in this article we will consider the main points that a modern person needs to know about NFC.

NFC in smartphones: features of technology and principle of operation

  • NFC stands for “Near Field Communication”. Near, because data transmission is possible at a distance of not more than 10 cm. Contactless communication is provided by electromagnetic induction.
  • This technology has been developed since 2004, and the first successful certification of the standard took place in 2006.
  • The first NFC phone was the nokia in 2006.
  • The principle of NFC technology is as follows: a device has a special induction coil to generate an electromagnetic field, when two such devices collide, an electric current is generated, which is converted into a signal for further data transmission.
  • There are two modes of NFC technology – active and passive. During active mode, both devices are involved in data transmission – alternately exchanging electromagnetic fields, and during passive – only one of the devices generates a magnetic field. The most common example of passive mode is cards and RFID tags.
  • NFC consumes very little power – so the background operation of this function in no way affects the battery life of the smartphone.

What is NFC technology used for in smartphones?

  1. File transfer in which NFC technology itself acts as a reliable and fast device identifier.
  2. Contactless payments. Thanks to NFC, modern people are gradually forgetting not only about cash, but also about bank cards, which are also often lost and remain in ATMs. Today, with the help of NFC you can pay for transportation, lunch at a restaurant, or shopping in a supermarket. It is worth noting that for safe use there is a function of limiting the maximum amount of payment.
  3. Quick connection to any device. Yes, thanks to NFC technology, you can connect wireless headphones for a smartphone, speaker or even a TV in seconds.
  4. Debugging and using NFC tags.If you have never heard of the existence of such gadgets, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to them – NFC tags are inexpensive, but can make life much easier for modern man. For example, you can configure a specific algorithm for your smartphone for each label. In each case, the set of these actions may be different. Next, you just need to raise the phone to the NFC label so that it immediately begins to perform the algorithm assigned to it (turn on music, turn off the sound, turn on GPS and everything you need in each place).

Contactless payment by smartphone with NFC: what it takes

  • Smartphone with NFC chip;
  • Special software for payment and data storage (Android Pay, Apple Pay or any other reliable payment system);
  • A terminal in the store that can accept contactless payment.

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