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Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis is coming to Apple Arcade this Friday

Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis ArtSource: Viacom International

Those who subscribe to Apple Arcade have a hot new game to look forward to with the news that Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis is coming to the App Store this Friday, January 21.

The new game, which will be playable across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV will have everyone’s favorite Nickelodeon characters battle it out on the court using their own unique special moves.

Join all your Nickelodeon favorites from past and present as they compete in the most extreme tennis matches ever. It’s the ultimate tennis showdown as iconic characters from across the Nickelodeon universe including SpongeBob, Angelica, Rocko, Garfield, and more, compete for the top spot. Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis pits players against each other in multiplayer mode in iconic locations including Bikini Bottom, ZIM’s secret base, and NYC rooftops seen in TMNT, or they can go to solo in story mode, where players will advance through unique challenges for each character. Compete as SpongeBob using a Krusty Krab sign as a racket, Angelica dressed as a princess, or even Michelangelo wearing a fancy suit (don’t worry he is still carrying a pizza box as a racket). Each character has its own unique special moves and players will have the ability to customize the character’s outfits and rackets the more they play the game

You will of course need an Apple Arcade subscription to take this new game in or, if you’re already using Apple Music and other Apple services, check out Apple One. The subscription bundle could even save you some money!

You can pre-register your download of Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis in the App Store now ahead of the big day.

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Game on!

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