Nostalgia overload: Online Mac emulator takes you back to 1991 (and folder tabs spotted in Windows 95, too)

There’s a pretty cool online emulator that lets you play with a virtual Mac running System 7 (also known as Mac OS 7).

9to5Mac picked up this one, noting that while there has been an app giving you a full System 7 experience, you can now run a virtual installation of the ancient OS simply by visiting this web page.

System 7, which first debuted in 1991 – and was renamed Mac OS 7 with the release of the final version in 1997 – works in all its monochrome glory.

System 7 emulator

(Image credit: Leonardo Russo)

It was a somewhat controversial operating system at the time because it required a lot more RAM than its predecessor, System 6, and couldn’t be run from a floppy disk (remember those?).

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