Nvidia Lovelace RTX 40 series: everything we know so far

    The long-awaited successor to the Nvidia Ampere series of graphics cards is almost here, with the next generation being teased for release in mid-to-late 2022. Codenamed ‘Lovelace’ after British mathematician Ada Lovelace (who is considered to be the first computer programmer), you might better recognize these GPUs as the GeForce RTX 40 series.

    With the Nvidia hack earlier this year, we have more leaks and rumors than we anticipated, so we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Nvidia’s Ada architecture, and when to expect it., but is important to remember that all of this information is currently speculative and we won’t get anything concrete until Nvidia officially launches the series.

    But when will that be? It’s unclear when Team Green will unveil its shiny new architecture to the world, but we could get some details from the company itself during its Computex 2022 keynote, though it’s unlikely that any GPUs will actually be shown during the event.

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