NVIDIA seems to have fixed 4K playback problems on the Shield TV

There have been several issues with playing 4K content on the Nvidia Shield TV, and NVIDIA wasn’t particularly clear about what was causing the problems or what would fix it. It looks like that’s pretty much been fixed by now, though, with a new software update and some server-side changes rolling out.

The update brings the Shield TV to version 8.0.1, but the 4K fix isn’t the only thing here, even if it is the most important. NVIDIA has redesigned the volume slider for Android P, fixed some other problems with IR commands, solves issues with connected hardware, and improves compatibility with varying frame rates and SDR and HDR content.

There are still a few issues with this build that NVIDIA knows about, and hopefully fixes for those bugs are in the works. But as of today, Vudu has confirmed that 4K playback is totally fixed, which is the important thing that we wanted out of this update.

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