Once Human: How to move Territory and change base location

Base-building is a huge part of every survival game out there, and Starry Studio’s new MMO-style open world title Once Human is no different. You need a safe location where you can rest, craft, and prepare for your next expedition in Nalcott, especially if you’re playing in a PvP-enabled server where other players can attack you. Luckily, the shooter has quite a robust building system, and it even gives you the option to create a number of different prefabricated structures on your Territory as long as you’ve got the resources to do so.

Since exploration is key to progressing through Once Human, though, you’ll likely want to move your Territory several times during your playthrough. Temporary Campsites work well as forward respawn points and basic crafting stations, but even so, you should try and keep the main base you’ve got all your advanced facilities at in the same region you’re adventuring in.

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